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Here’s What You’re Getting: The Special Edition of Automatic Email Profits with all your email templates transplanted directly into your free Klaviyo account.
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  • IMPLEMENT 5 POWERFUL PROFIT-PRODUCING AUTOMATIONS: You’ll have all 5 automations transplanted into your free Klaviyo account with 23 emails ready to start making money with just a few small tweaks, shortcutting the time it would take you to create everything from scratch.

  •  GET PROVEN WINNING SUBJECT LINES: You don’t have to spend any time testing a bunch of different subject lines. You’ll get our winning subject lines that have been tested with tens of thousands of emails in our agency.  Just copy what we know will get opens and paste it straight into the subject line (no thinking required)

  •  MAKE MONEY ON AUTO-PILOT: Your email automations are designed and specifically engineered to produce profits for your Shopify while you sleep. Once they are setup and ready to go you can simply sit back and watch the money roll in, while you invest your time in growing your business to the next level or spending more time with your family or enjoying your hobbies.

  •  GET HIGH-CONVERTING EMAIL COPY: In each automation you’ll get our high-converting email copy written specifically to generate sales. We’ll give you the email copy for the first email of each automation and tell you exactly what you need to write in all the others without being a good writer.
Automatic Email Profits 

Bonus #1: One Private 30-Minute Rapid Growth Consultation

Implement and edit all the automations and make at least $1000 in sales and I’ll give you a private consultation to take your revenue from email to the next level. 

Many store owners don’t realize how fast they can grow once they have their automations in-place and start scaling up their revenue...but there is one missing piece of the puzzle. 

What is your long-term strategy in relation to on-going campaigns and promotions? 

Let me help you figure this one out live on our call. All you need to do is prove you have generated $1000 from the automations you’ve implemented.

This is a $750 value as I have clients paying me upwards of $1500 per hour for consulting. 

Bonus #2: 3-Day Cash Machine Campaign

Once you have your automations in place you’ll want to be emailing your list on a regular basis. When it comes to the big promo’s like Black Friday you’ll need to know what emails to send so you can take advantage of this BIG paydays.

You’ll get my 3-Day Cash Machine campaign that you can edit, modify and manipulate for whatever big promotion is next on your Calendar. When your ad costs increase over these busy periods you will always be able to generate cash on-demand from your list.

These kind of campaigns will make up 40-60% of your total revenue from your email marketing so it critical you implement them if you want to maximize your revenue.

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“We were instantly profitable within the first month and have done $434,046 just from email in Q4”

'Before working with Email Alchemy our email campaigns weren’t consistent and our automated email sequences (like for abandoned carts) needed lots of work.

Dealing with Tom was easy with very smooth communication. Love the video updates provided each week, really made me confident in the process.

We were instantly profitable within the first month and have done $434,046 just from email in Q4, which is way over 20% that we wouldn’t have generated otherwise. 

I know my email list an email list is definitely the most secure thing to have. You have to value your business and investing in a good email sequence and well-written campaigns is an obvious choice."

- Mike - Vancouver, CA (Not going to reveal store for obvious reasons)
See How Sunny Is Hitting Nearly 30% Of Revenue From Email
Your 100% Money Back Guarantee

Once you go ahead and implement EVERYTHING I share with you inside Automatic Email Profits and you don't at the very least break even within the first 60 days of your automations going live AND you're store is generating at least $4K/month in revenue,  you will receive a FULL 100% no-questions refund.

Obviously, if you're store is not generating any revenue you are not going to generate any extra cash.  
  •  If you want to extract an extra 15%-40% of cash per month from the customers you’re already generating by simply filling in the blanks on a few email templates (one time)
  •  If you want to have the ability to pay yourself more within the next 4 weeks 
  •  If you want a security blanket for your business by having a predictable and reliable system to generate sales from your email list.
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